Community Service


Our Values

We don't put our good name on anything unless it meets the highest standards of the Marine Corps and the League. Whether it's Toys for Tots, Ridgefield Colors, the Memorial Day Parade, Veterans Day speakers, or our financial support for Vets and Students, it doesn't get out the door until it's the very best.


We're Looking for a Few Good Men

 ... to march in the Memorial Day parade, help manage our scholarship programs, man the grill at our community breakfast, spiff up the color guard and generally do the things Marines do so well. Here are some of the programs we run.


Patriotic Holidays

We launch Memorial Day with our traditional community breakfast (baked beans and SOS) on USMC dinner trays,  We then join one of the region's largest parades in Ridgefield, attend the town festival with prayers and remarks from our commandant and chaplain, and retire to the League's piazza for our legendary community cookout.  We observe Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day in similar fashion.  

More Community Service

Toys for Tots

We conduct one off the largest Toys for Tots programs in New England encompassing most of Fairfield County, CT.  In the most recent holiday season, we collected and distributed more than 30,000 unwrapped toys.  We cooperate with local churches, aid organizations and community groups.

Fly the Colors

Partnering with two other local groups. the Rotary Club and Ridgefield Supply, the Detachment assists with Fly the Colors, a patriotic campaign that places American flags in the front yards of many hundrds of Ridgefield homes during the "patriotic season" from Memorial Day through Veterans Day and including Flag Day and the Fourth of July. .

Support for Vets and Students

The Richard Romine Leadership Award and the Marine Corps League Heritage Award both are presented on an annual basis in support of high school students who will continue their education. The League also joins the Rotary Club of Ridgefield in presenting proceeds of the Fly the Colors program to a business education program serving veterans in Connecticut.